Take a Screenshot & Notes At the Same Time!! AMAZING

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http://www.handpickedvillas.net/malkinos/7114 Do you take many screenshots to capture information on a web page? I do, and I’ve found numerous tools, or keystrokes that enable me to capture an entire page or a just a portion of an internet page.

rencontre errachidia However, I just discovered this CHROME extension called les ch'tis a hollywood rencontre avec les marseillais ‘AWESOME SCREENSHOT’. I absolutely LOVE IT! Once this extension is installed, you can capture a full or partial page AND then rencontre lovely add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info, or share that screenshot with a one-click upload. 

Here’s a short tutorial on how it works.

You can get the extension the Awesome Screenshot for Chrome here.

What screenshot method do you use? Let me know in the comments below.

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