Amazon Student Prime 6 Months Free then 50% until you Graduate

Amazon Student Prime Photo

Did you know as a college student you can get rencontres hommes 82 AMAZON PRIME for FREE for 6 months? If you decide to keep it the cost to you is only 50% of the regular cost as long as you have student status. In addition, you get:

  • Unlimited access to Amazon Prime streaming movies & TV shows
  • Access to hundreds of playlists through Prime Music
  • Unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos
  • $5.00 for every friend you refer to Prime Student
  • You may also receive emails regarding special discounts & promotions

Even if you don’t keep it, it’s definitely worth the FREE 6 month trial. Enjoy! If you sign up, I’d love to know what you think of it?

why not try this out You can sign up for Amazon Student here:


Recover Storage Space on Your iPhone or iPad

iPhone Notification Storage Full

When I bought my latest iPhone, I opted for the least expensive one with the least amount of storage. As a result, I am always getting notified that I am out of storage space and have to delete the APPS I haven’t used in awhile, only to find myself putting them back on when I want to use them again.

Fortunately, I came across this quick tip. I use Safari as my mobile web browser. What I didn’t realize is that it caches all the data files of photos and videos it loads. After clearing my cache the first time, I gained 62 MB of storage! To clear your Safari cache go to:

It looks like I’ll be making it a habit to clear my cache from now on.

I hope this tips is helpful. Do you have any other tips that can save storage space on an iPhone? Let me know in the comments below.

Add a Graphing or Basic Calculator FREE in a Google Doc

You may think of Google docs as just a word processing tool. However, with the ability to use the Math ADD-ON feature it can also become a shortcut method to use a calculator within your doc or a powerful way to solve equations and/or plot graphs!

The short video below demonstrates the ease of using the graphing calculator add-on called WizKids CAS.

Don’t need a graphing calculator? No problem, instead get the CALCULATOR add-on from the many choices available in the Get Add-On dialog box. Simply, open a Google Doc, Click ADD-ONS from the top menu and choose ‘GET ADD-ONS’. Once the next screen pops up you see a SEARCH box where you can search to find the type of ADD-ON you are looking for.

Do you use any Add-Ons? What are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


Never Lose Your iPHone Again!

Find your iphone

If you’re like most people, and you’ve misplaced your iPhone at one time or another, then you’re familiar with that slight panicky feeling you get trying to remember when you used it last. Well, hopefully, you’ve enabled APPLE’S built in ‘find your iPhone’ feature that makes finding your phone a breeze! It’s as simple as logging into with your APPLE ID and password and clicking on the ‘FIND IPHONE’ icon. A map will come up and pinpoint the exact location as well as give you the following choices;

  1. meilleur site de rencontre pour ado Play Sound = as long as your iPhone is on it will begin to emit a repeated sound alert until you’ve located it, even if the mute button is on. You will also get an email notifying you that the device has played a sound. I’m always putting my iPhone down somewhere in the house so for me this feature alone has saved me time and time again!
  2. Lost Mode = this mode will lock your device and display a custom message and turns on tracking so you can see its location, even if location services were originally disabled. Instructions on how to use customize lost mode can be found here.
  3. site rencontre 97 Erase iPhone = this feature will erase all of your data remotely if it’s been stolen or lost. NOTE: You must enable the FIND MY IPHONE feature in your settings in order for any of the above FIND YOUR IPHONE features to work. Detailed instructions can be found here. 

Have you ever used the ‘find your IPHONE’ feature? Let us know in the comments below.



The Curve of Forgetting Information

The Forgetting Curve

The image above is a visual example of how quickly we forget information if we don’t review it quickly enough. The graph is based on a one hour lecture. The following is a portion of an article from the Counseling Services at the University of Waterloo.

“On day 1, at the beginning of the lecture, you go in knowing nothing, or 0%, (where the curve starts at the baseline). At the end of the lecture you know 100% of what you know, however well you know it (where the curve rises to its highest point).

By day 2, if you have done nothing with the information you learned in that lecture, didn’t think about it again, read it again, etc. you will have lost 50%-80% of what you learned. Our brains are constantly recording information on a temporary basis: scraps of conversation heard on the sidewalk, what the person in front of you is wearing. Because the information isn’t necessary, and it doesn’t come up again, our brains dump it all off, along with what was learned in the lecture that you actually do want to hold on to!

By day 7, we remember even less, and by day 30, we retain about 2%-3% of the original hour! This nicely coincides with midterm exams, and may account for feeling as if you’ve never seen this before in your life when you’re studying for exams – you may need to actually re-learn it from scratch.”

Here is the link to read the entire article and for suggestions on how to review material.

I can also attest to kostenlose partnersuche für männer one of the best ways to review a class or lecture is to use the Livescribe Smart Pen! The pen will record the lecture while you are taking notes and takes 70 pictures per second of the exact word you are writing at the time you hear specific information the professor is speaking! For more information on the pen and a video demonstration, see this post from August 19th. There are 4 different versions of the pen. Should you decide to purchase a pen, I would recommend the Echo or Sky Wi-Fi version. Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions at

Are you interested in some one on one study skills coaching? Email me and let me know what your needs are.

Take care!