Add a Graphing or Basic Calculator FREE in a Google Doc

You may think of Google docs as just a word processing tool. However, with the ability to use the Math ADD-ON feature it can also become a shortcut method to use a calculator within your doc or a powerful way to solve equations and/or plot graphs!

The short video below demonstrates the ease of using the graphing calculator add-on called WizKids CAS.

Don’t need a graphing calculator? No problem, instead get the CALCULATOR add-on from the many choices available in the Get Add-On dialog box. Simply, open a Google Doc, Click ADD-ONS from the top menu and choose ‘GET ADD-ONS’. Once the next screen pops up you see a SEARCH box where you can search to find the type of ADD-ON you are looking for.

Do you use any Add-Ons? What are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.



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