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Amazon Student Prime 6 Months Free then 50% until you Graduate

Did you know as a college student you can get AMAZON PRIME for FREE for 6 months? If you decide to keep it the cost to you is only 50% of the regular cost as long as you have student status. In addition, you get: Unlimited access to Amazon Prime streaming movies & TV shows Access to hundreds of playlists through Prime Music Unlimited photo storage with Prime … [Read More...]

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iPhone Notification Storage Full

Recover Storage Space on Your iPhone or iPad

When I bought my latest iPhone, I opted for the least expensive one with the least amount of storage. As a result, I am always getting notified that I am out of storage space and have to delete the APPS I haven’t used in awhile, only to find myself putting them back on when I […]

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EXCELLENT Video “Study Less, Study Smart”: Retain More in Less Time

In this 2011 video, former Pierce College Psychology Professor, Marty Lobdell, reviews several different study techniques and explains in laymen’s terms the psychological reasons behind their effectiveness. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! And after you’ve listened to what he has to say, do yourself a favor and enter your email in the form […]